Industries that could and should use ACH.

Usages of the ACH network have grown almost exponentially since its inception.  From direct payroll deposits to eCommerce the applications are wide and almost limitless.  Simply put, if you write a check or accept a check you have a need for ACH processing. The benefits, outlined in a previous blog on this site, are extensive.  [...]

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Same-Day ACH

Source: NACHA Since the 1907s the ACH Network has been the foundation of payment processing.  Its founding fathers instilled stability as the primary tenet, speed was an afterthought.  That all changed in March of 2018 when the three phases of same-day processing were implemented.  Now, based on a series of rules governed by [...]

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ACH – What, Why, How

Automated Clearing House (ACH) ACH, the beginnings.  In the early ’70s, a group of California bankers wrestled with an ever-expanding line item on the expense side of their respective P&L’s: the cost of processing physical checks.  In addition to the cost, there were inherent inefficiencies in the process with intense human handling opening itself to simple but costly [...]

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