Fast, Flexible Check Scanning Software

With ACHeck21 Micro, you can take advantage of the convenience of remote check deposit, but in a much faster, more automated way. ACHeck21 Micro is a check imaging remittance system which converts paper checks to electronic transactions and updates bookkeeping systems.

  • Fully compatible over 100 models of document and check scanners
  • Remote deposit capture saves time and reduces errors
  • Eliminate the need for labor-intensive “read and key” of each check
  • Lightweight, easy to install, and easy to use

Scan and Edit High Volumes of Checks with Reduced Risk

When processing check images, ACHeck21 Micro reads MICR data and leverages a2ia CheckReader™ for Optical Character Recognition (OCR), then calculates your total for deposit. The app then sends your deposit to the ACHeck21 FinTech Cloud for further processing, which includes extended OCR, CAR/LAR, MICR.

  • Alerts for manual review and editing of unresolved issues
  • Securely empower your team with role-based user access

Connect with Your Bank and Automatically Update Your Accounting Software

Our technology is flexible, and our multiple deposit methodologies can easily meet unique remote deposit needs. ACHeck21 Micro also digitally endorses checks.

  • Easily integrate with any bank
  • Download check data directly into online accounting packages using standard formats like CSV
  • Can also export checks to a PDF file, or to print

Remote Deposit Capture for ACH and Check21 in a Single Workflow

ACH and Check21 are the two main protocols for bank to bank transfers. While the rules and file formats differ, ACHeck21 Micro simplifies remote deposit capture for you by managing both as a single workflow.

  • Maintain control of the full processing cycle
  • Workflow that suits your business and your bank’s remote deposit requirements
  • Centrally process and reconcile all transactions from multiple locations and scanners

Quickly and Easily Integrate with Multiple Systems, Customize via API

ACHeck21 Micro lets you integrate with your bank much faster than other solutions. Our custom-built technology eases the transition between your data and what your bank will accept. Additionally, ACHeck21 Micro enables customization with a SOAP API.

  • Streamlined processing lowers set-up costs
  • Seamlessly integrate with your own apps
  • Apply your own branding and effectively white-label