Integrate ACH & Check 21 Payments Processing Seamlessly

ACHeck21 helps manage payment complexities for you. The ACHeck21 FinTech Cloud enables you to quickly and easily process ACH and Check 21 payments, both for use in your organization, and in apps you develop and license to your customers.

Offer a Comprehensive, Speedy Payment Platform Using Our API

With the FinTech Cloud API, you can seamlessly integrate payment processing functionality, providing a cohesive experience for your user and adding value to your offering. Offer check, ACH, or verification products, and develop the functionality to best serve your customers.

Our extensive API lets you:

  • Create your own program and connect to our check imaging and remittance systems
  • Tie any application or website into our cloud for real-time processing
  • Easily support portals, IVR and PoS systems, and more
  • Build recurring billing functionality
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Reduce Risk with Verification Processes

The ACHeck21 Gateway offers various services to dynamically evaluate risk, enabling you to reduce return costs.

  • Verify existence of accounts with banks
  • ID validation via driver’s license
  • Refer to the database of bad check writers
  • Check the integrity of routing information on each transaction

When elevated risks are discovered, you can elect to simply decline the transactions, or be warned, prompting further investigation. Our extensive customization options include setting risk thresholds.

Lower Integration Costs with our Unique FinTech Cloud IP

The ACHeck21 FinTech Cloud was built on a solid foundation of native APIs, consisting entirely of our intellectual property. Unlike other cumbersome offerings, this enables our FinTech Cloud to read and process huge files in seconds. This also lowers your cost to integrate with your bank.

Batch Upload and Comprehensive Reporting

Create live payments or export batch files in the format of your choice, and ACHeck21 then sends files to the bank on your behalf. The ACHeck21 Gateway includes:

  • Comprehensive reporting tools
  • Email notifications
  • Monitoring and alarms