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ACHeck21 provides governments and utilities with cloud-based Fintech, including applications for ACH, Check 21, and remote deposit capture. Our technology makes transaction processing quick, simple, and accessible.

Integrate ACH & Check 21 Payments Processing Seamlessly with FinTech Cloud

FinTech Cloud enables you to quickly and easily process ACH and Check 21 payments. With the API, you can seamlessly integrate payment processing functionality, providing a cohesive experience for citizens. Offer check, ACH, or verification products, and develop the functionality to best serve your constituents, such as online bill pay.

ACHeck21 Supports Payments Processing Interfaces for SEDC’s Utility Customer Base

ACHeck21 provides an e-check transaction processing software solution to SEDC, a customer information system provider for nearly 250 utility companies nationwide. When customers enter their info into SEDC’s payment interface, ACHeck21 validates bank account information for SEDC and its utilities. Read more about how ACHeck21 accommodates SEDC’s 24/7 bill pay system, with an easy onboarding process and exceptional customer service.

Remittance Processing Apps Manage ACH & Check21 in a Single Workflow

ACHeck21 remittance processing applications convert paper checks to electronic transactions and are compatible with over 100 models of scanners. ACHeck21’s apps simplify remote deposit capture for you by managing both ACH and Check21 as a single workflow.

  • Maintain control of the full processing cycle
  • Workflow that suits your business and your bank’s remote deposit requirements
  • Centrally process and reconcile all transactions from multiple locations and scanners

Check Imaging Remittance Program that Effortlessly Reduces Costs

ACHeck21 Premiere is an intelligent app, capable of considering additional data in automating your remittance processing. The system can scan any included payment stubs, and take that data into consideration to confirm amounts. Additionally, ACHeck21 Premiere Intelligent Routing dynamically reduces your costs by converting eligible checks to ACH, and non-eligible checks to Check 21.

  • Quickly scan multiple document types, including checks, payment stubs, and specialty forms
  • Customizable stub setup
  • Include barcodes, set up custom fields, and teach the app what data to capture