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Financial technology firms are creating apps that add value for end users, and banks want to work with Fintech firms. Yet, according to many studies and serious observers, Fintech is struggling to fully access the U.S. banking system.

Many banks and regulators struggle to understand how regulations are properly applied to Fintech, and this uncertainty inhibits business growth. Additionally, the lack of open standard banking APIs among predominant core process hinders the expansion of Fintech. Some new technologies are offered in a “bolt-on” fashion, which fails to meet customer expectations.

Innovative Fintech Makes Banks More Competitive

As consumers demand increasingly innovative new products and services, banks of all sizes must adapt to remain competitive. Partnering with credible fintech providers enables banks to offer proven solutions.

At ACHeck21, we believe that moving money in the banking world doesn’t have to be complicated and tied up with cumbersome, legacy infrastructure. Our solutions help manage payment complexities for you.

ACHeck21 offers remote deposit capture SaaS solutions with a RestFUL API, eliminating the need to purchase or install apps. With FinTech Cloud, ACHeck21 enables you to integrate ACH and Check 21 payment processing. With ACHeck21, you can expand your ability to recruit new sophisticated business.

  • Minimal set-up costs and low overhead
  • Integrate numerous systems, such as your own solutions and POS systems, via API
  • Traditional ACH and mobile remote deposit capture

Offer a Comprehensive, Speedy Payment Platform Using Our API

With the FinTech Cloud API, you can seamlessly integrate payment processing functionality, providing a cohesive experience for your user and adding value to your offering. Offer check, ACH, or verification products, and develop the functionality to best serve your customers. FinTech Cloud was built on a solid foundation of native APIs, consisting entirely of our intellectual property.

Our extensive API lets you:

  • Create your own program and connect to our check imaging and remittance systems
  • Tie any application or website into our cloud for real-time processing
  • Build recurring billing functionality

National Check & Currency Relies on ACHeck21 for High-Volume, Secure Processing

National Check & Currency (NCC) is a provider of check processing services for money service businesses (MSBs) nationwide. The company processes billions of dollars in checks annually and required a very stable, scalable, and flexible payment processing backbone. ACHeck21 allows the operator to go through an enormous amount of data with relatively few clicks. Additionally, our tight integration eliminates the need for bulk scanning. Read more about this success case.