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Integrate ACH & Check 21 Payments Processing Solutions with FinTech Cloud

FinTech Cloud enables you to quickly and easily process ACH and Check 21 payments. With the API, you can seamlessly integrate payment processing functionality, providing a cohesive experience for users. Offer check, ACH, or verification products, and develop the functionality to best serve your customers, such as online bill pay.

ACHeck21 Supports Payments Processing Interfaces for SEDC’s Utility Customer Base

ACHeck21 provides an e-check transaction processing software solution to SEDC, a customer information system provider for nearly 250 utility companies nationwide. When customers enter their info into SEDC’s payment interface, ACHeck21 validates bank account information for SEDC and its utilities. Read more about how ACHeck21 accommodates SEDC’s 24/7 bill pay system, with an easy onboarding process and exceptional customer service.