ST CHARLES, MO, UNITED STATES, October 23, 2017 — ACHeck21®, a provider of secure, cloud-based transaction processing, and Connexus Secure, a provider of real-time payment verification, today announced a strategic alliance to streamline payment processing. ACHeck21 enables any customer to conduct verified and secure ACH or Check payments. Connexus Secure is a one-click secure real-time solution that captures and validates key banking information required to conduct frictionless ACH or Check payments. The alliance combines the powerful functionality of the two offerings, significantly reducing chargebacks and fraud to protect customers’ revenue.

“We are very pleased to be able to support new innovations for Fintechs, financial services, insurance companies, and others whose customers want to pay by ACH or check, but don’t have their bank routing-number or account number on-hand,” said Sam Ackley, CEO of DCS Holdings Group, LLC, the owner of ACHeck21. “This solution minimizes errors and friction, and streamlines the capturing of banking information manually.”

As with all ACHeck21 offerings, the service allows those accepting ACH or Check to integrate directly to their bank of choice, or securely capture required banking information for both ACH and Checks. This service is available now.

“This strategic partnership emphasizes our commitment to protect the consumer and the merchant from fraud while simultaneously speeding up the transaction process and improving the customer experience,” said David Muddiman, CEO of Connexus Secure.

About ACHeck21

ACHeck21 is an intelligent, private financial cloud that combines ACH (Automatic Clearing House) entry classes and Check21 (Remote Deposit Capture) along with ancillary services and features into a single hosted work flow. ACHeck21 offers a fully supported RESTful API, Mobile, RDC Products and Remittance Processing. ACH21℠ Payment Gateway offers a fully integrated management console that puts you in the driver’s seat.

ACHeck21 software is designed to improve efficiency and reduce friction for any user, organization, or business processing ACH, Checks, or verifying account information from point of sale, the internet, mobile devices, laptops, desktops or scanners. Learn more at, and join the conversation @ACHeck21,  or contact [email protected].

About Connexus-Secure

Connexus Secure LLC’s proprietary technology enables a consumer to quickly, easily and in real-time share financial information (personal or business) in a safe and secure manner with merchants and financial institutions. Connexus’ technology provides increased visibility into consumer financial information for use in the credit decision process protecting merchants and financial institutions from fraudulent online transactions with the added benefits of improving the customer’s experience. Learn more at