ACH Usages

Usages of the ACH network have grown almost exponentially since its inception.  From direct payroll deposits to eCommerce the applications are wide and almost limitless.  Simply put, if you write a check or accept a check you have a need for ACH processing.

The benefits, outlined in a previous blog on this site, are extensive.  Regardless of what media you use to market your products whether, it is online, by mail or over the phone, ACH can be implemented to meet your needs.

Further, with the advent of Same Day Processing availability of funds is much quicker.  Watch this site for a future blog on Same Day Processing.

Industries that could and should use ACH.

Government Agencies

In addition to income tax revenue being collected or refunds being issued, ACH can be employed for the collection of traffic fines, property taxes, licensing to name a few.


Auto, life, and health policy payments can all be paid through the ACH network.  Most issuers have the ability to accept ACH already and some even offer discounts if the consumer utilizes this method.  The added benefit of setting up recurring payments allows the freedom of setting up a payment and forgetting about it each month.


Both auto and mortgage loans are ideal for ACH payments.  Like any other payment type, the recurring payment option is ideal for this.

Charitable Organizations 

The convenience of ACH makes donating easy and secure.  A charitable organization can increase revenue with this easy and secure way for donors to bestow.


What would be a more reliable way to collect rents than an automated monthly ACH payment from tenants?  With the simplicity of setting up recurring payments, added to the secure transmission of funds, it is a win-win for both the lessor and lessee.

Household Services 

How many checks are potentially written every month for household services?  You have the standard electric, gas, water, and telephone payments to start.  Ancillary services such as security systems, home cleaning, lawn care, pest control and of course the internet to name just a few, certainly add to the number of handwritten checks one might issue.  I would suggest that all of these services providers can or should have the capability to receive electronic payments.

Educational Institutions 

Whether it be elementary, secondary or collegiate level,  there is a fairly constant flow of payments to these institutions.  Books, registration fees, PTA meetings, science fair, sports fees, sports tickets are all are ripe for ACH payments.


The first thing that comes to mind is the behemoths – (Amazon, eBay, etc.).  However whatever the volume an e-tail site generates, an ACH system can be implemented.   Whatever the product being sold,  ACH payments can be established.

Supply Chain 

Regardless of an organization annual spend both the supplier and customer benefit from the security, reliability, and speed of settling invoices electronically.

Monthly parking, camps, health clubs, and daycare are other verticals that leverage the usage of ACH.  Basically, any payment made monthly, randomly or others can be set up with the proper software.