ach-check21-blog-no-borderThe National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) is a not for profit trade association that develops operating rules and business practices for the national network of automated clearing houses (ACHs) and for other regions of electronic payments. NACHA manages the development, management, and governing of the ACH Network and is the countrywide association responsible for ACH payments.

Each year it moves more than $40 trillion and nearly 23 billion electronic monetary transactions, and currently supports over 90 percent of the total value of electronic payments in the U.S. As such, the ACH Network has become one of the largest, safest and most reliable payment systems in the world, producing value and enabling innovation for all participants.

NACHA not only develops codes and rules of business patterns, but it’s involved with the development of new applications. It tracks and also institutes quality- and danger-management controls.

The NACHA Operating Principles, managed by NACHA since 1974, are the basis for every ACH payment. By creating clear guidelines for each Network participant and defining the functions and duties of financial organisations, the Principles ensure that millions of payments happen smoothly and easily daily.

The Rules are strengthened by your voice. Because the Guidelines are a living document, updates and NACHA depends on personal input to signal and to amend them. An inclusive and deliberative process, comparable to that used by Federal agencies under the Administrative Procedures Act, permits ACH Network participants for example businesses, credit unions, banks, consumer advocates, government organizations and industry providers to comment on proposed rule modifications. The Rules work in concert with ordinances and relevant laws, providing a foundation that is company and lawful for using ACH payments.

Recently Executed NACHA Changes

Disclosure Requirements for POS Entries

This Rule establishes an Originator/Third Party Service Supplier obligation to provide consumer Receivers with certain disclosures when supplying those consumers with cards used to initiate ACH Stage of Sale (POS) Entries.

ACH Network Risk and Enforcement Matters

By lowering the incidence of returned Entries and the related costs, both monetary and reputational, that such returned Entrances impose on its participants and the ACH Network this Rule will improve the overall quality of the ACH Network.

Forthcoming NACHA changes

Enhancing ACH Network Quality

This rule is meant to enhance ACH Network quality by reducing the prevalence of ACH debits which are returned as unauthorized.

Same Day ACH: Moving Payments Faster

This Rule provides a new, omnipresent capacity for transferring ACH payments faster and empower the same-day processing of practically any ACH payment.

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