Product History

ACHeck21® is the signature technology of DCS Holdings Group, LLC.

The base technology, previously branded as CheckData, was released in market fifteen years ago. DCS acquired all rights to the software in 2011—and promptly reimagined the technology’s potential to dramatically alter the complex and cumbersome landscape of today’s digital transactions. DCS rebranded the technology ACHeck21® to reflect the expanded focus.

Competitive Landscape

In response to industry evolution, traditional legacy financial software providers often developed multiple platforms or bolt-on solutions to support regulatory changes and emerging transaction types. To remain in compliance and up to speed with the industry, clients wererequired to upgrade, add on, or completely replace legacy solutions that were no longer sufficient for their needs.

Value Proposition and Product Differentiation

But ACHeck21® is different. Built for purpose with inventive technology, ACHeck21® seamlessly delivers a full suite of digital transaction capabilities through a single workflow.

Without sacrificing a single aspect of the bulletproof reliability and scale so essential to moving large volumes of financial transactions, DCS technologists have succeeded in engineering the cloud-based ACHeck21® suite of technology to be nimble, streamlined, intuitive, and easily expansible.

The ACHeck21® suite currently supports ACH and Check21 payment processing, duplicate detection, fraud detection, verification of funds, identity verification, OFAC checks, security and many other financial technology services—all in a single workflow.

What is ACHeck21 FinTech Cloud all about… Technology!

ACHeck21® is a proven FinTech Cloud™ (ACH21™ Cloud). The ACH21 Cloud can provide ACH and Check21 payment processing, duplicate detection, fraud detection, verification of funds, identity verification, OFAC checks, security and many other financial technology services. Access to the FinTech Cloud only requires a simple secure login. All ACH21 FinTech Cloud services are intuitive and easily administered with a friendly administrative dashboard that allows users to seamlessly manage all features and functions offered. Our product line also includes a Global Gateway, and API solutions. Save time, save costs, and do more!

Want A More Advanced Look At The ACHeck21 Fintech Cloud?

By clicking here, we’ll take you into the inner workings of the ACHeck21 cloud. Prepare yourself…


Do you need a bank to process ACH or CHeck 21 payments?

ACHeck21 can help.

Do you need software to process ACH, Check 21, or credit card payments?

ACHeck21 can help.

Do you need a payment gateway to provide advanced reporting and manage your accounts receivable?

ACHeck21 can help.

Do you need an API to connect your front end remote deposit capture system to your bank?

ACHeck21 can help.

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