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SEDC-for-testimonialSEDC Keeps America Powered Up With ACHeck21 Payment Solutions

Atlanta-based SEDC is a customer information system provider for nearly 250 utility companies nationwide, from Alaska to Florida. The firm’s core product offering is CIS Billing, Accounting, Engineering, and Operations applications that provide its customers with all-in-one solutions to easily maintain general ledgers, run billing and accounts payable functions, payments systems and statement generation, printing and mailing.

SEDC also offers support and operations of payment interfaces for its utility customer base. Services range from remittance processing applications, in which SEDC is physically processing paper checks from their utility customers, to electronic transactions with credit cards, e-check and online banking interfaces.

On time payments require up-to-date technology.

SEDC prides itself on offering cutting-edge solutions, leveraging technological innovations to streamline workflows and improve business efficiencies for its utilities partners. So when it comes to providing e-check transaction processing for millions of Americans who count on these utility providers to power their homes, SEDC requires a software solution that stays ahead of the technology curve. That solution is ACHeck21, according to SEDC Director of Financial Services T.J. Castello.

ACHeck21 validates bank account information for SEDC and its utilities when their customers enter the information into SEDC’s payment interface. SEDC collects the checking account information, formats it and sends a package to ACHeck21’s web-based service. ACHeck21 then verifies the account information, inserts the record into its system and generates an ACH file.

Anytime, anywhere, anyway … ACHeck21 supports it.

E-check transactions can be paid via a number of different systems, and, thanks to its robust and flexible API, ACHeck21 is easily and efficiently interfaced to all of them:

• Websites utility firms can use to provide their own branded customer service portals that support payment apps;
• Income-based repayment interfaces for utility billing systems;
• Payment kiosks utility firms can place in their office lobbies or elsewhere in the community;
• Phone payment transaction interfaces; and,
• Recurring payments that require automated transactions based on stored customer information.

According to a 2015 USPS report, more than 70% of utility customers prefer to pay their bills electronically, and many of those transactions occur after hours and on weekends. “We appreciate ACHeck21’s ability to accommodate our 24/7 system,” Castello said, “and we appreciate their reliability.”

High-tech doesn’t mean low-touch.

SEDC processes more than 300,000 eCheck payment transactions every month. That means top-notch customer service is a must to keep its services up and running for its utilities customers. ACHeck21 fits the bill, according to Castello. Not only does the company provide after hours customer support; key contacts also are available to Castello via cell phone.

“They’ll always respond to any kind of request we have at any time we need it,” he said. “I’ve worked with them in the middle of the night, on weekends … whenever it’s been required.”

SEDC has worked with ACHeck21 for the last eight years. The firm isn’t its first eCheck provider; in fact, SEDC has used multiple providers in the past. However, Castello said, SEDC has been with ACHeck21 the longest. Onboarding with ACHeck21 was easy, he added.

“It wasn’t a cookie cutter process which was a good thing for us,” he said. “ACHeck21 really customized what they did and how their systems worked in order to make our systems function the way they needed to.”

No matter the challenge, ACHeck21 responds to its customer’s needs, Castello said. “You’re not one of 50,000 customers. They make you feel like you’re their top priority.”

ACHeck21_®National Check & Currency Relies on ACHeck21 for High-Volume, Secure Processing

Billions in Checks Processed Annually

National Check & Currency (NCC) provides check processing services for money service businesses (MSBs) around the nation. An MSB is defined as any business that offers check cashing, money orders, travelers checks, money transfers, foreign currency exchange, and/or pre-paid access products. Each MSB is highly regulated by the state in which it operates, and must also be registered federally with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).

While MSBs provide essential financial services to the approximately 60 percent of the population who are either under-banked or unbanked, these businesses also face very close government scrutiny. In 2013, this scrutiny intensified with the launch by the United States Department of Justice of Operation Choke Hold. The purpose of this initiative was to investigate MSBs and other types of businesses deemed to be at high risk for fraud and money laundering.

This in turn caused a movement among financial institutions called de-risking in which many institutions severed relationships with these alleged high-risk businesses – even though there may have been no evidence that a particular business was engaged in any illegal activity. Without prior notice, an MSB might receive notification from its bank stating that the bank was discontinuing the processing of certain types of checks, or even that the bank was severing the relationship completely. The potential impact on MSBs is obvious.
Founded in 2007, NCC fills this void by matching MSBs to its network of partner financial institutions and managing the processing of all checks received by the MSB. NCC holds its customers to higher standards than are required by government regulations. This means that each time the company signs a new MSB customer, the partner bank is assured of receiving a pristine, rigorously vetted application that’s fast and easy to approve. The MSB benefits from a service that is set up quickly and is highly reliable.

NCC processes billions of dollars in checks annually. The key to making this all work, of course, is a very stable, scalable and flexible payment processing backbone. This is where ACHeck21 comes in. According to NCC’s National Sales Director Steve Bessen, the company originally deployed ACHeck21 as a secondary or backup processor. However, thanks to its combination of exceptional technology and equally impressive customer service, ACHeck21 soon became NCC’s primary check processor.

“The way ACHeck21 sets up its system – the sorting and the logic – allows the operator to go through an enormous amount

natnc-logo-blackNational Check & Currency Aventura, Fla.
(877) 327-4249 Industry: MSBs
Volume: Billions Annually

A Few Additional Testimonials:

“The ACHeck21 Software coupled with the Canon CR-180 has truly been an enhancement in our back office processing. The speed at which we can process the bulk payments is amazing. Our biggest problem is getting the mail opened fast enough to keep the scanners busy.”
Michelle McBride
Collector of Revenue
St. Charles County (MO)

“I know ACHeck21 has been referred to as the “Microsoft” of the ACH world and it is TRUE!!! I can truly say that this system works because I have been an end user for many years. In March 2007, we started utilizing the ACHeck21 method as well as continuing with the ACH. What an awesome system!!!! It kept me from having to hire 2 employees years ago just to keep up with the mail that was coming in from a fast growing community. It would take 4 employees just to post payments manually every day but after sending items electronically, the process was cut to approximately 1½ hrs daily for 1 employee.”
Sheri Rankin
GRBSolutions, Inc.

ACHeck21 really stepped up to the plate for us and delivered a very flexible, robust ACH solution for our Virtual Terminal. We have worked with numerous processing partners in the past for our ACH needs – including direct relationships with banks. The service, reporting, and technical staff that DCS provides all of us is really unmatched. Our customers are very happy with the relationship – and we have been able to build upon these relationships with new products such as Check 21 and Remote Capture. It’s been a great partnership for us.”
Jackson Hewitt

“I would like to recommend to you ACHeck21 as a safe and reliable way to accept checks for payment. Today we accept checks with confidence, by implementing the ACHeck21 check processing system along with their check guarantee program.”
Mark Ratterman
Owner, Dominos Franchise