Remotely capture and deposit checks with ACHeck21 Micro.

Built for Volume and Speed

ACHeck21 Micro is an incredibly efficient application that installs FAST.

Setup typically takes less than 10 minutes from start to finish. With its lean ASP architecture, Micro easily runs in your system tray.

But don’t let its lightweight footprint fool you. Micro equips you to handle multiple deposit locations of any size on a single platform.

With processing speeds exceeding 200 documents per minute, Micro proves that you don’t need a systems “real estate” hog to enjoy high capacity processing benefits.

Secure, Customizable Workflow

Maintain control of the full processing cycle with a workflow that suits your business—and your bank’s remote deposit requirements.

Micro’s adaptable processing features allow you to mitigate risk, ensure compliance, and maintain separation of duties as you see fit.

Authorize remote locations with scanning functions only while your financial institution handles corrections. Put your central office in charge of verification and approval for all locations—or authorize your financial institution to do so.

The options are many—and they are yours to define.

Efficient, Flexible Processing

You don’t need to purchase all-new equipment to reap the benefits of ACHeck21 Micro.

Fully compatible with all approved check and document scanners, Micro installs easily, quickly, and without the need for equipment replacement.

Plus, with Micro’s unique messaging system, you can avoid processing delays and ensure full control of each day’s deposits through real-time communications with your financial institution.


  • Install and set up in less than 10 minutes
  • Complete Thin Client
  • ASP based Architecture
  • Designed for high volume and high speed scanning
  • Distributed Capture for multiple deposit locations
  • Multiple deposit methodologies built in to best suit each Financial Institution’s unique remote deposit needs
  • Customer handles all check deposit verification
  • Financial Institution handles final check deposit verification and approval
  • Customer only scans, centralized entity or Financial Institution handles correction, deposit verification and approval
  • Thin client communication architecture operates on standard Web Browser SSL Ports
  • Easy and complete customizability through .net presentation updates
  • Unique messaging system for Financial Institution to customer real-time communication
  • Website user to Website user
  • Website user to thin client application
  • Thin client application to Website user
  • Customer handles all check deposit verification
  • Financial Institution handles final check deposit verification and approval
  • Compatible with all approved check scanners