Harness the power of the FinTech Cloud℠.

A Single Point of Integration to Any Front-End Transaction System

Robust API

The FinTech Cloud is the hub that unites all ACHeck21 capabilities.

Connect your front-end systems easily to our full suite of digital transaction services, including ACH and Check21 payment processing, duplicate detection, fraud detection, funds verification, identity validation, OFAC checks, security and more.

Any Payment Application

Seamlessly integrate ACHeck21 capabilities with your payment applications of choice.


  • Web portals
  • Telephone-initiated and Interactive voice recognition (IVR) systems
  • Point-of-sale systems

Adaptable Technology

Featuring REST and SOAP API technology, connecting to the FinTech Cloud is simple and intuitive.

Our ability to support nearly any programming language enables fast, easy integration of ACHeck21 capabilities to your unique processing environment.


You may already have a great software product, web site, or front end payment capture system but want an ACH API or Check21 API to perform direct bank debits or deposits. ACHeck21 processes both ACH and Check21 on the SAME PLATFORM! It comes with a fully documented API(s) to support all your ACH, Check21, Verification, returns management, billing, and reporting needs.