Our Company Mission

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Our Company Mission | ACHeck21, Diversified Check Solutions, DCS, DCS Holdings Group, LLC, dba Diversified Check Solutions & ACHeck21®

Current mission

Our mission is to eliminate the complexity, uncertainty and friction of moving digital-commerce “money”. Our technology is cloud based and currently supports ACH, Check21, compliance, verification, document archival and more in the same workflow. We believe the fundamental exchange of value should be low cost, quick, secure and easily accessible to anyone anywhere. We also believe everything that’s needed to make the exchange of digital-commerce should be at your fingertips with no extraordinary expertise.


To deploy technology that is so easy to use, secure and powerful that it serves as the technological foundation for the exchange of value. Using our ACHeck21 platform to provide technology that makes the banking rails so accessible and useable that everyone has access to them and everyone has the tools needed to replace other forms of payment. Whether a business or consumer the software is free and easy to use. Security, compliance, file types, costs, work flow or the many other “complexities” of payments are taken care of. A business need only worry about running their business and a consumer need only click a button.