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Finding a high risk ACH provider isn’t always easy.

High Risk ACH. Falling into this category doesn’t mean it’s the end. There are options.

Because of the network of processing and banking partners we’ve built throughout the years, combined with our state of the art risk management system, we are able to set up connections and bank integrations for merchants deemed “high risk”.

Accepting payments from a person’s bank account stabilizes cash flow for merchants with recurring billing models. Consumers rarely alter bank accounts, which creates a steady revenue flow with little importance of customer service.

With ACH processing, the designation of “High Risk” may be due to your company type but also because you’ve got sizable average transaction amount (generally>>$1500). Irrespective of why your company is considered a high risk ACH processor, we can help you to get an account. We do plenty of work with accredited and legal consumer lenders with brick and mortar locations that help retailers in the cash advance business to finance customers. And yes, of course, we follow all federal and state laws at the same time. Because of this, we are able to work with higher risk ACH companies of several types.

Originating Depository Financial Institutions (ODFI’s) face fiscal penalties that often comprise shutting down of ACH processing when it becomes clear they usually do not have a procedure in place to monitor and shut down ACH aggregators (indirect merchant relationships of the bank) or direct merchant depositors whose unauthorized yields exceed the latest standards.


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