acheck21-cloudIn 2008, Diversifed Check Solutions began the evolution of ACHeck21, a unique technology that combines ACH and Check21 files in the same work flow hosted on the ACHeck21 Gateway. Fast forward and things have greatly changed–for the better.

Initially a small start up with less than 5 employees, ACHeck21 is rapidly growing and expanding its influence on the financial sector with our ability to manage the flow of data with security and precision that is hard-matched in today’s competitive marketplace. When you move billions of dollars a year–like ACHeck21 does for some big players–there is no room for error.

What many people don’t realize is, that behind the scenes of a large number of ACH and Check21 transactions occurring on the web every day, ACHeck21’s powerful technology engines make many of these transactions happen.

A few clients who use the ACHeck21 are National Check and Currency, Global Payments, South Eastern Data Cooperative. And, of course, there are many, many more. Chances are, if you’ve paid a bill at some point in your life with a check or ACH from your bank account, that transaction went through the ACHeck21 global gateway.

With our fast-growing success and longtime experience in the world of digital transactions, we are well aware that in business, there are two types of companies: the quick and the dead.

Following that same mindset which made so many other business pioneers successful (Microsoft, Apple, Google) we are rolling out several big changes over the course of the next 2 years. Our global gateway is currently being upgraded to an MVC platform for additional security, ease of use, and speed.

Just two weeks ago, a major player in the ACH processing industry who handles over 10% of all ACH transactions came to us with a request for a co-branded gateway for a large client. They had hoped we could produce an acceptable result in less than a week. It didn’t take that long. Before 24 hours had transpired, the process was complete and ready for demo by the client.

That’s the type of mindset we follow at ACHeck21: our clients come first, and the service we provide them must be unparalleled. After all, they are the ones that helped bring us to this level of success, and in turn, we hope our service will continue to power their prosperity for many years to come.

Keep a look out on our blog for these exciting changes, and thank you for all of your support.

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