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How does Check 21 work?

Check 21, officially known as the Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act,” is a federal law that was enacted on Oct. 28, 2004 to allow banks to transmit paper checks in electronic form. It is an efficient and secure means for the processing and clearing of checks. Before, the check processing system relied on physically sending paper checks from one location to the next before check 21 came into effect. Now, the process encourages check truncation by removing the need to dispatch a paper check between banks. In order to facilitate this system, check 21 software is used by some businesses.


Banks or Check21 processors take images of the fronts and backs of paper checks. They transmit the images, along with payment information that is related, electronically. This eliminates the expense and time of physically transporting the paper checks to the receiving banks.

Paper Checks

If a paper check is required by a receiving bank, it can produce one from the electronic images and payment information it received. This recreated check is called a “substitute check.” If your original check is bounced or canceled, it might deliver you substitute checks.


Checks sent electronically clear faster than paper-based checks that are physically transported between banks. You should make sure that at the time you write checks, your account contains enough money to cover them to keep your checks from bouncing.

Benefits of check 21 software

-Check 21 decreases the processing times and transportation costs.

-It reduces the likelihood of items being destroyed or lost in transit.

-Thanks to check 21, financial institutions need not transport checks from one place to the next. As a result, they reduce costs.

-Check 21 software can revolutionize your business by minimizing overhead, enhancing workforce productivity and, improving customer satisfaction.

-Check 21 helps Federal Reserve banks speed up the consolidation of their check processing offices.

“Substitute” Checks

So what is a substitute check? It is a paper printout of the information already taken from a paper check. In order to dispute a transaction, this substitute check is used because it is legally equivalent to the original one.

Impact on Customers

Under this federal law, a bank may supply either original checks or substitute checks in a depositor’s bank statement. Customers will see money debited from checking accounts more quickly because check processing speed is quicker thanks to electronic banking.

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