fintech cloud

It’s more efficient and effective….the two precursors to productivity. Improved productivity equals improved profits.

Underlying the word “FinTech Cloud℠” is a new way of doing things in a highly scalable cloud environment. A cloud is accessible through the internet. Cloud servers do not depend on centrally-installed software or hardware and are stable, secure and inexpensive to operate. No need to buy servers to install locally. No software to install and no conversion to a new system. Since everything is hosted in the clouds the costs of hardware and operating technology are spread across all users resulting in economies of scale. Everything can be hosted, managed, deployed and serviced in the cloud and the only thing required by the end user is access to the internet. By using smart cutting edge technology hosted in a “cloud environment” to manage the flow and processing of information (any information) we are able to address in a single workflow unlimited numbers of services associated with the exchange of value. No other process we know of can deliver the level of flexibility, reliability or repeat-ability across virtually every payment “type” in a single secure workflow.

Whether it starts as lines of code, an ACH file, check21 image, a document, point of sale transaction, gift card transaction or, in the future, crypto currency or block chain entry makes no difference to us. We designed our FinTech Cloud℠ to take discrete information on the front end, convert it into our proprietary language and process it in a single work flow for placement on the banking rails. That’s how ACH21™ FinTech Cloud℠ makes a difference but we are just beginning.

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